A modern method with amazing results which has been rocketing people to success for over 15 years



Chris Blance offers a unique style of teaching dyslexics. From her classroom in Northumberland she has taken pupils struggling with reading, spelling and handwriting and brought about amazing changes in all those areas. Within a very short time pupils gain confidence and hope for the future. Many have gone on to achieve high grades in exams, obtained university degrees and secured very satisfying careers. All this in just one hour a week. If you live within travelling distance of Hexham and have a dyslexic child why not contact Chris for more details. There are places available at the moment.

Children who have not been formally diagnosed with dyslexia but who are finding reading, spelling and writing difficult can benefit from Help for Dyslexia

Children diagnosed with dyslexia who need help with dyslexia

Older students who are unable to read or spell the associated multi-syllabic vocabulary of their chosen subjects at school or at college

Pupils on the autistic spectrum who are having difficulty with literacy and require help with dyslexia

Adults who have struggled with literacy all their lives

Stroke victims who need to relearn the process of reading and spelling all over again


The success rate in taking non readers and making them into capable readers of all pupils who completed the course

Years total teaching experience in schools, colleges and as a private tutor.

Over 1,000 pupils taught! Ranging from 5 to 56 years of age.

Years experience as a specialist dyslexia teacher giving lessons both privately and in schools.

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