dyslexia teaching programme for schools

Supporting Schools to work with children with additional needs

Around 20% of pupils leave the education system semi literate each year and with restricted budgets. Schools cannot afford to have specialist dyslexia teachers and many don’t have an effective dyslexia teaching programme for schools. EnCHANting Strategies could well be the solution to this problem for numerous reasons:

It’s a unique affordable, multisensory dyslexia teaching programme for schools which has been getting fantastic results for over 25 years. It is devised by specialist dyslexia tutor, Chris Blance from Help for Dyslexia. Once downloaded it can be started immediately and there are hundreds of multisensory, structured worksheets which take the pupil, step by step, up to success with reading and spelling. It’s an enormous confidence booster too.

With 10 instructional videos in the programme, this easy to teach, fun and extremely effective method can be taught by anyone. You don’t even needing to have a teaching qualification! This means that pupils can instantly benefit from specialist teaching and their progress can be rapid.

Dyslexia teaching programme for schools

Although originally designed for dyslexics it has been found to be very effective on children who were just falling behind in their literacy and who didn’t have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia. It has had great results on ADHD and Autistics pupils as well as very encouraging results on Down Syndrome children.

It’s in use in several UK schools, as well as California, also by numerous homeschoolers here and in the USA. Two dyslexic pupils who were put on this programme over a decade ago and who really succeeded because of it, have become teachers and are now using the same methods on their pupils in their schools. Full circles like this are really exciting .

The series of books called Spelling Success just contain Chris Blance’s unique mnemonic methods. EnCHANTing Strategies however contains a more extended section on this as well as an extensive phonic section based on the Orton Gillingham approach. There are hundreds of structured worksheets based on words, sentences and wordsearches giving immense opportunities to consolidate and practice their new skills transforming them from anxious underachievers to confident and capable students.

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