Nutty Mnemonics and Funky Phonics – A full course for parents and teachers

If you are a teacher, parent or a teaching assistant dealing with dyslexic children, then my dyslexia teaching programme has been designed with you in mind. Firstly, it is extremely effective and it is easy to administer. Importantly, it is also fun to use. Above all it has guided many under-achieving pupils to levels that have led them to achieve great exam results and fantastic careers. Consequently, it has changed their lives.

The course consists of two main sections which are:

Initial Word Mnemonic Chants

My Initial Word Mnemonic Chants are a wonderfully engaging multi-sensory way of training the memory into spelling high frequency words and homophones. They are accompanied by their own set of dictated sentences and word searches.

Phonic Flash Cards

These comprise five packs of colour co-ordinated phonic flash cards with hundreds of associated structured worksheets.

The Phonic Flash Cards and the Initial Word Mnemonic Chants both contain large quantities of appropriately designed worksheets. Easy to follow written as well as video instructions are also included. It is not necessary to have a teaching qualification in order to administer this course as long as the instructions are followed accurately.

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