Nutty Mnemonics and Funky Phonics


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Nutty Mnemonics and Funky Phonics by Christine Blance

Nutty Mnemonics and Funky Phonics (formerly known as Successful Teaching Strategies for Dyslexics) is a hugely successful teaching course for dyslexics and indeed anyone struggling with reading and spelling. It actually combines two interrelated courses, an Initial Word Mnemonic Course and a Phonic Course, designed for teachers, teaching assistants and parents with simple easy to follow instructions and video guidance. Immediate effects can be seen and it incorporates some of the quickest methods for improving both spelling and reading.

This is what you will be getting presented to you either as an e-course or on a USB memory stick. Important to note, however, that this is not a “computer course”. It is a multisensory “hands on” method, essential when dealing with dyslexics and consists of hundreds of useful worksheets to be printed out. The course can be used over and over again, for whole classes, small groups or individuals.

1. Introducing the Course.

A video explaining how to carry out both the mnemonic and the phonic parts of the course.

The promotional video which contains several parents and pupils giving testimonials.

2. The Mnemonic Course

A table of contents

A written introduction explaining how this system works plus all the additional ways it can be adapted across the curriculum.

A huge selection of high-frequency word lists at the different key stages.

Hundreds of specific initial word mnemonic chants for every single word in those lists.

Hundreds of structured sentences incorporating these words which are invaluable for reading practise and which can be dictated for spelling purposes.

A selection of ready designed templates for printing out, appropriate for this section of the course.

3. Phonics Course

There are two ways that this part of the course could be taught depending on which is more convenient……… the flashcard method or the template method. There is a written guide for each.

There are five sections to this part of the course……

Alphabet. Consonant Blends. Long Vowels. Prefixes. Suffixes.

The list below applies to each of these five sections.

Getting Started.

Both written and video instructions for the flashcard and the template methods.

Pages of flashcards to be printed out for guillotining.

Templates appropriate for each section.


A table of contents.

Hundreds of various styles of worksheets ranging from structured sentences to structured word searches designed to give practise with reading and spelling. The aim is to gain strategies in word attack skills so that they can understand and decode even polysyllabic words and be able to read and spell with greater confidence.

4. Lesson Plans

A detailed lesson plan showing how to integrate the mnemonics and the phonics. This is just a guide. It spans 40 weeks but this will vary depending upon the time allocation given to this course.

5. Additional Videos

A collection of videos most of which have been released on to YouTube.


£360 plus £50 annual license fee.


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