My son was functionally illiterate when he came to you. Last week he got his English GCSE results. He achieved an A*.. This course has made the world of difference to him.

Stephen K.

Chris Blance helped to restore the self confidence my dyslexic nine year old was losing. The structured learning programme she had developed offers a series of springboards to those struggling to achieve literacy skills.
Elizabeth Chetwynd Robson.

The mnemonics really work for me. The initial word chants just pop out of my head like in a thinking bubble.

Gregory W.

Hi Chris, thank you for sending your mnemonics books to me. It’s early days but I’m already blown away by the success of your mnemonics spelling system. Fergus has been flying and his enthusiasm is off the scale. The fact he no longer has to sit and write out his spellings is fantastic. We can practice chants in the car, on a walk or even whilst eating dinner. Ordinarily Fergus could learn to spell between 3 and 5 words per week but unless they are practiced everyday they are forgotten again with a matter of days. In 4 days he’s learnt 15 new words and because we can say them rather than writing them he’s practicing them more often and therefore retaining them. I’m finally excited by the fact that we’ve found a system which works for him. For the first time in his life he no longer feels stupid, he now fully believes he’s capable of knowing all the spellings on his word list by the end of the year. I truly can’t thank you enough, I do honestly believe this has potentially changed his view on his abilities for life. The only downside is coming up with the mnemonics as quickly as he’s learning them but I’ll get over it with a smile on my face and a spring in my step! Thank you so much x

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