It’s quite frustrating looking at these strange symbols and not knowing what they sound like. It’s also very upsetting knowing that these words have meaning and that I should be making images in my brain. Then based on the meaning maybe I should be responding to it in some way. Look at this post for a few minutes and begin to get the feel of what it is like to be dyslexic.

What it is like to be dyslexic.

Understand that you could stare at this for ever and you would extract no meaning from it. Imagine if you were expected to know what it said and that your progress through life depended on it and that people around you were calling you thick,or stupid,or lazy. Imagine the stress, anxiety, panic and shattering of confidence this would create. Daily. For years. Possibly for the rest of your life.

But imagine the delight and excitement when you get the right help from someone who understands how to teach you to decipher this code and how then this opens up the world to you. It can change the whole direction of your life.

Lessons learned in life - what it is like to be dyslexic

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